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We are a boutique luxury property management agency in Barcelona and surrounding areas.

We work for selective clients, who look for best-in-class and personalized property management services. Our clients are mainly international property owners and luxury building communities, some being the developers and home-owners of Casa Bures, the most luxurious historical building in Barcelona. As a property management company, we keep an eye on every detail, ensuring perfection from beginning to end. Our expertise and decades of business experience in multinational companies make us unique in our sector. We work with speed, quality, and cost-effective solutions. Your apartment will be managed as if it were our own, prioritizing what is most important to you. Our job is to enhance the value of your investment while making it a pleasant experience. Are you looking for a trusted person to manage your property, with your best interest at heart? We can help you. Call us today to know more about our services.



Buying a luxury property is no small feat, and we at VDB Luxury Property Management know that more than anyone. Offering a wide assortment of luxury homes and apartments for your consideration, our team at VDB can certainly help you find what you’re looking for, no demand is too much to ask.


We can help in every step of the legal process. Negotiating, closing the deal, managing contracts, assisting with tax lawyers, notaries, etc. We are a one-stop shop for finding or selling your new.


VDB Luxury Property Management is a multi-faceted firm that offers a range of services suitable for the most demanding of clients. Whether you are looking to renovate, furnish or maintain your property we strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We truly handle everything from A to Z!


We provide pre-check-in and post-check-out inspections of the property, as well as a personal check in and orientation for each guest. Your property is regularly surveyed for inventory, lights, temperature settings, potential damage, and any debris on the grounds. Guests arrive to personalized welcome items, customized bottled water, local publications, a welcome letter, and other concierge provisions based on their requests.


More than just a luxury concierge service, the mission of our devoted team is to enhance our clients day-to-day lives and fulfill their biggest dreams. Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services, our team can take care of every aspect of our members’ lives to give them back the luxury of time.


Our interior design services, offer modern design from the most elite decorators and home staging services. No project is too big or small. We work with multiple Italian luxury lines of curtains, rugs and much more.

Worried about your property management & quality of deliverables? Looking for a trusted one-stop shop to fulfill your luxury property requirements? Struggling to get things done? We would love to hear from you. Call us for a chat or to learn more about our services!

~ Viola De Bellis, Founder & CEO



Our leading principle is to put our customers’ needs at the center of what we do and treat your property as if it was our own. Why? Because we really care. And with decades of business experience, we know that our reputation is built on your trust.


With us, tomorrow is not an option and quality is non-negotiable! Our small team has all lived in multiple countries. This has given us a deep understanding of the importance of having all requests filled at the fastest pace and with the highest possible quality. You may have heard, things move notoriously slow in Spain. We know how to work around this to deliver you the speed you should expect!


Our 20+ years of International business management has given us the experience in dealing with different vendors and understanding the dynamic of negotiations. When it comes to Luxury, prices can suddenly look higher than the fair price point. One of VDB ́s key values is that our team acts on your behalf. With any action we take, our thinking is “what would we do if it was our money”-? With that mindset, the best solution and suppliers for your specific needs is guaranteed.


We thrive on interacting with our multicultural group of clients every day. They say that travelling widens your perspective on the world, helps you meet new people, learn new cultures and enriches you as a person. At VDB we are lucky, we get all of this by working every day with our very international group of clients and striving to delight them all. From. Cairo to Buenos Aires, from Moscow to Miami – and everywhere in between.

We speak English, Italian, French and Spanish, but can help in any language if need be!


Are you looking for your dream home or the right investment?

We can help in every step of the process – searching, negotiating, closing the deal, managing contracts, assisting with tax lawyers and notaries, etc. We are a one-stop-shop for finding your new home!


Maximize the rentability of your property with VDB Luxury Property Management!

We offer the best approach to advertising your specific property. In the end our main priority is to make sure your property is rented to trustworthy clients. We verify the backgrounds of all potential tenants, prepare and manage the signing of contracts, handle utilities, security, and so much more.  Supervised check-ins and check-outs, and handle all necessary services before, during, and after the rental process. A 24/7 service.

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor to provide high-end and efficient construction and remodelling services, we can absolutely help you! Our team of highly qualified professionals can assist with all sorts of maintenance and handy work, including installation, painting, light carpentry and electrical work, and much more!


Interested in revamping your home’s interiors or staging your property for sale/rent? Our unrivaled interior design services, available through collaboration with many of the finest Italian luxury designers, would be honored to assist in bringing your vision to life!

Based on your budget, we promise to make your space stand out, using the finest high-end furniture and accessories. Our connections to the Italian design market give us priority access to the best luxury fabrics and décor at unbeatable prices!

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