Free TON is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency based on the TON protocol, which was created by Nikolai Durov and the Telegram team . Free TON was launched on May 7, 2020, following the refusal of the TON team to launch the project after lengthy litigation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The platform was launched by independent PoS validators, crypto exchanges and other market players. One of the key participants is TON Labs , which was responsible for the technical preparation of the launch. TON Labs has developed the TON OS operating system for Pavel Durov's blockchain project Telegram Open Network . The same OS - but in a modified form - is used in Free TON.

85% of tokens will be handed out for attracting new users. 10% will be given to developers, of which 5% will be given to TON Labs. Another 5% will go to validators who will be involved in confirming transactions. All this is described in the Project Roadmap .